Despite the Claims, Email Marketing Is Not Dead!

Despite the Claims, Email Marketing Is Not Dead!

Every week, a new technology is advanced that will be the death of email as a marketing tool. Many technologies have come and gone, but email remains a powerful option.

The latest technological email killers are social networks like Twitter and Facebook. As social networking sites, these services provide value to their millions of users. Unfortunately, their marketing value is still elusive and their potential remains untapped. Traditional web page advertising seems to be the only way to make money on social network sites.

Everybody Uses Email

Almost everybody online, including those who frequently post on Twitter and Facebook use at least one email account. In fact, having an email account is required in order to sign up for these and other social networking sites.

“More than 90% of Internet users between 18 and 72 said they send and receive email, making it the top online activity just ahead of search engines, according to the non-profit research group.” according to Jacob Barnes from iMoneybuzz.

The younger part of this demographic are using social networking and making frequent claims that email is outdated. Not only does email help marketers tap into the younger group of Internet users, there is a large population of older, wealthier customers using email.

Email Marketing Solutions

Connecting to people using email marketing requires several things:

  • A list of email addresses
  • Permission to send email to those addresses
  • A way for people to easily opt-out of receiving future messages
  • A way to easily manage email addresses that are bad
  • Relevant messages
  • An email marketing tool

There are numerous ways to take advantage of the email addresses collected legitimately. Hosted email marketing, in-house email marketing program, and auto-responder programs are all good ways to start taking advantage of the email addresses legitimately collected. Visit this site for further marketing advice.

Follow Email Marketing Rules

In 2003, the CAN-SPAM Act became effective, setting guidelines on how entities can use email addresses in the United States. Businesses planning to take advantage of email addresses collected during normal business transactions, or by renting or purchasing a list of addresses should familiarize themselves with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Common complaints about the act are that it does not go far enough to protect individual email addresses. In order to stay above reproach, it is a good idea to do more than the act requires. Confirming subscribers, eliminating failed email addresses from the list, and honoring unsubscribe requests immediately are all considered email best practices and will help maintain a good email reputation.

While social networking may be the next new thing, the key to successful online marketing is still done via email. By following email marketing best practices and using a little common sense, small businesses can tap into the great potential email marketing offers.