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Hello, at IMG Marketing we work with your specific requirements to strategically plan your campaign using our integrated data platform that allows us to successfully maximise your campaign results.

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Face 2 Face Fundraising

Face to Face fundraising is one of the most effective ways of recruiting supporters. Our fundraisers spread the charity message through inspiring conversations by way of supporting with a regular long term monthly gift.

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Welcome Calling

We conduct calls to all supporters on behalf of the chosen charity/campaign to Thank and welcome them with some essential information on exactly how their support is helping the charity.

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Donor Retention Calling

When donors cancel we contact them and help find out why they have cancelled meaning we know the reason for their decision and should they wish to start donating again they have the details of the Charity to contact directly.

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We have been working with IMG Marketing for just over a year and have had fantastic results and a record number of donors sign up. IMG Marketing work across the country, which gives us a great reach and has allowed us to diversify our support base. Thanks to IMG Marketing, this has been our most successful recruitment year to date


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Product Overview


This mobile or tablet fundraising software is designed to focus on the field activity of your operation.

It will enhance the experience of the donor and make it easier for the fundraiser to carry out their task.

It also makes use of modern technology and media which are becoming more commonplace and the expectation of a growing number of people.

Reporting Portal

Hourly Signup Rate

You have the ability to view each Fundraiser’s hourly signup rate or team’s signup rate, in order to give you an accurate view of their real-time performance.

This means you get real-time information whilst they are in the field, which gives you the ability to react to these results to ensure these rates are constantly above your target.

Fundraiser Statistics

We know how vital on-the-fly statistics can be. This is why we have created our on device statistics view to keep the fundraiser up to speed with their daily performance.

With statistics right under their nose, they have no excuse but to push themselves that little bit further to achieve their targets.

Campaign Management

Secure Export Scheduling

Being able to define your own exports truly is a powerful thing. We know how vital is it to receive the data in the format you want, exactly when you want it. We like to take the ‘manual’ out of exporting data.

We have solved this with our user configurable export designer which sends your exports securely to your server.

No need for downloads, just design and schedule your export and sit back and wait for your data to appear.

Sign-up Capture

Donor Signature

Donors’ signatures are captured accurately and securely. Donors simply sign against the end of the form to confirm their signup.

This is then stored in Campaign Manager if it needs to be referred to at a later date and can be optionally paired with the photo of the Fundraiser who signed them up.

On device Address & Bank Validation

We are proud to say that we solely provide on device, offline address and bank validation and auto population. Why would you want anything else? We fully understand that the last thing you need is to be unable to validate on the spot, quickly and accurately.

Our customers fundraise in some treacherous and remote areas on a daily basis so we give them a solution they can rely on.

Donor Retention

Auto Email & SMS

Configure your own, personalised emails and SMS messages to be sent to your Donors immediately after they have signed up. Include relevant information such as your Donor’s name, where and when they supported and the cause they just supported, with a selection of merge fields.

It provides a great opportunity for giving your Donor confirmation of their donation and is a nice way of saying thank you.


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